Available courses

e-Module: A Guide to Food Safety for Non-Profits

This course is designed for non-profit organizations and their volunteers to enhance their food safety knowledge. While non-profits are required to have at least one individual certified in safe food handling, this course offers a complementary shorter training for those that are not certified, and a refresher for those who are. By completing this course, non-profits will be better equipped to safely handle, transport and store food.

  • Enrolled students: 1536
e-Module: Le guide de la salubrité alimentaire à l’intention des OBNL

Ce cours est conçu pour les organisations à but non lucratif et leurs bénévoles afin d'améliorer leurs connaissances en matière de sécurité alimentaire. Bien que les organismes sans but lucratif soient tenus d'avoir au moins une personne certifiée en manipulation sûre des aliments, ce cours offre une formation complémentaire plus courte pour ceux qui ne sont pas certifiés et un recyclage pour ceux qui le sont. En complétant ce cours, les organisations à but non lucratif seront mieux équipées pour manipuler, transporter et stocker les aliments en toute sécurité.

  • Enrolled students: 32
e-Module: A Donor Guide to Food Recovery

This brief course is designed for food businesses to better understand the implications of food waste in Canada, and to get clarification on misconceptions regarding food donation. By taking this course, businesses will be better equipped to make regular food donations in their community.

  • Enrolled students: 380
e-Module: A Guide to Food Date Labels in Canada

There is a lot of confusion about our date labelling system, which is a significant cause for food waste in Canada. This brief course is helpful to anyone interested in better understanding the complicated world of food date labels.

  • Enrolled students: 1148
e-Module: A Guide to Food Waste Audits

This brief course will help organizations to develop a streamlined process to engage in food waste audits. By taking this course businesses and organizations will better understand the environmental impacts of food waste, and gain the knowledge and resources needed launch a food waste audit of their own.

  • Enrolled students: 301